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  • Attend the monthly webinar, to hear your submission discussed by our expert panel. Alternatively, please feel free to simply attend the webinars, view the submitted graphics and listen to the panel discussion.

We welcome suggestions for new challenges! Please feel free to submit your idea here or send us an e-mail.

Current Challenge: Microbiome dataset


Produce data visualisation(s) providing insights into if the vaginal microbiome profiles can be associated with Pre-Term Birth.

  • How do microbiome profiles change over time?
  • What are the differences in microbiome profiles between Pre-Term Birth and Term Birth?

Process & timeline:

Dataset: Microbiome datasetIntroduction of the challenge: Webinar 47 from February 14th (available on VoD)
Submission: Click here to submit or
send it via e-mail
Deadline: March 7th
Next webinar: Click here to register Date: March 14th

* NOTE to download a single data set as a csv file, click on the raw button and save the file. The following link describes the process in further detail

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