Scientific Committee

Scientific Chair: Rachael Lawrance (Adelphi Values), Conference Chair: Kate Taylor (Amgen)

The Scientific committee organises a number of one-day scientific meetings, webinars and the annual conference as well as joint meetings with other professional bodies each year. The topics of these meetings include a diverse variety of statistical techniques and applications relevent to PSI members working in clinical phase I-IV drug development & reimbursement and also a cover much wider remit applicable to the roles in the healthcare industry.


The Scientific Committee meets each month and alternates between teleconferences and face to face meetings primarily in London or the surrounding area.


The Scientific Committee is composed of the following members

Adam Crisp (GlaxoSmithKline)
Amitava Mukhopadhyay (Cytel India)
David Lawrence (Novartis)
Emanuella Pozzi (Roche)
Ioulietta Mulligan (Worldwide Clinical Trials)
Jennifer Gilbride (GlaxoSmithKline)
Julia Saperia (MHRA)
Kate Taylor (Amgen)  
Lynsey Womersley (Phastar)
Maria Efstathiou (IQVIA)
Martin Jenkins (AstraZeneca)
Mouna Akacha (Novartis)
Paul Terrill (Cytel UK)
Rachael Lawrance (Adelphi Values) 
Rosie Leach (Numerus)
Russell Jones (Orchard Therapeutics)
Sarah Williams (Roche)
Sue Todd (Reading University)
Tobias Mütze (Novartis)
Tom Burnett (Lancaster University)

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