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Welcome to the homepage of the Visualisation Special Interest Group (VIS SIG)


Why a visualisation special interest group is needed?

Effective visualisation of data should belong to the core skills of statisticians as it represents an essential tool in exploring data as well as explaining data. Visualisation plays a role in the healthcare field for a long time with e.g. Florence Nightingale leveraging visualization to convince stakeholders of better care of soldiers literally saving their lives.

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Diagram of the mortality in the British Army in the east during April 1854 to March 1855 (right) and April 1855 to March 1856 (left) in comparison to that of Manchester, represented by the circular dotted line. Credit: Wellcome Collection.

The field of visualisation outside of healthcare flourishes and many societies for different fields and tools have been growing as a result of this.


Goals of the VIS SIG

The visualisation special interest group (VIS SIG) has formed itself to:

  • Lead a cultural change to look beyond tables alone
  • Train statisticians and other quantitative scientists to learn about effective visualisations and data storytelling
  • Develop recommendations and best practices for the healthcare field leveraging learnings from other areas
  • Establish a gallery of case studies for the rich field of data used in healthcare including traditional and new data sets (e.g. brain scans, wearable data)
  • Improving the understanding of the richness of data and the uncertainty of estimates.


Who will the VIS SIG help?

The VIS SIG welcomes any quantitative scientist interested in visualisations both explanatory and exploratory in the healthcare field.


How can you become involved with the SIG?

If you would like to be informed about upcoming activities of the VIS SIG, register your interest here

If you would like to become an active member of the VIS SIG and drive forward it’s activities, please send an email to Alexander.

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