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15 May 2024

Elizabeth Garner (Ferring Pharmaceuticals US), Christoph Gerlinger (Bayer), Radu Cimpeanu (University of Warwick), Jack Wilkinson (Manchester University).

This multidisciplinary webinar will cover the latest insights in women's health. Clinicians, applied mathematicians and statisticians will provide valuable perspectives on current challenges and opportunities in the field covering recent developments in women’s health drug development, statistical complexities of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and insights into the statistical considerations surround the menstrual cycle and menstrual bleeding measurements. 
● Opening on drug development in women’s health - Elizabeth Garner (Ferring Pharmaceuticals US)
● Menstrual cycle and Measurement of menstrual bleeding - Christoph Gerlinger (Bayer AG)
● A new flow-based design for double-lumen needles in IVF - Radu Cimpeanu (University of Warwick)
● Challenges in RCTs of in vitro fertilisation : an estimands perspective - Jack Wilkinson (Manchester University).

The event will open with an overview on drug development in women’s health from a clinician perspective. This talk is followed by talks about analysing the menstrual cycles, a novel mathematical approach to designing IVF needles and statistical challenges when planning IVF studies.

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