PSI Webinar: NextGen is now! How to inspire the future workforce of pharmaceutical statistics

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 Monday 11th September 2023
Time: 12:00-13:00 BST

Who is this event intended for? Anyone interested in learning about how they can engage in schools outreach.
What is the benefit of attending? Be the first to hear about our new “Outreach Champions Challenge Cup” award scheme, as well as hearing experiences from those who engage in Schools outreach, the benefits of doing so and how PSI can support you in engaging with schools.


This event is free to both Members of PSI and Non-Members. To register, please click here.


In this webinar we will be showing you how you can inspire NextGen and help shape the future workforce of pharmaceutical statistics.


Do you remember your career talks at school? What opportunities were promoted for maths and science? When did you   first discover the pharmaceutical industry as a career choice?

Raise awareness of our rewarding careers in schools
For me, I only discovered the pharmaceutical industry when searching for industrial placements as part of my undergraduate degree. My decision to continue studying maths was fairly generic in that I was good at it at school and thought it was general enough to give me a few different career opportunities - although I was adamant I didn’t want to end up in teaching or finance. Any awareness of drug development I had would have come from science lessons, and never once had it crossed my mind that it was a field where maths skills were widely used and sought after - alongside several other data centric industries.

School outreach plays a vital role
However not all students are encouraged to share the same passion and interest for maths that I did. This is where school outreach activities can play an important role in helping to raise awareness of the many exciting opportunities for working with data and inspiring the next generation to continue their studies in relevant subjects to allow them to do so.

Learn about the benefits of schools outreach volunteering
Join me in this webinar to kick off the 2023/24 academic year, and find out how PSI can support you in engaging in school outreach activities and how you can take part in our new award scheme, “Outreach Champions Challenge Cup” which will recognise members who make exceptional contributions to outreach throughout the year. Listen to reflections from our panelists of their real-life experiences of participating in schools outreach activities and the benefits they have found from doing so.

If as a PSI community, every member engaged in at least one school's outreach activity per academic year, we could reach an impressive number of students and help to shape the future workforce of pharmaceutical statisticians.

Join us on 11th September and help us to inspire the next generation
Emma Crawford, Chair of PSI Careers Schools Team

Speaker details



Claire Brittain

Claire brings nearly two decades of experience in medical statistics, specializing in early phase pharmaceuticals. Throughout her career at GSK, Eli Lilly, and UCB, she has been primarily been focused on neuroscience, immunology and clinical pharmacology. With a strong interest in translational and methodology studies, Claire is committed to making statistics practical and ensuring that science remains central to every discussion.

She co-hosts PSI Professional Development Lunch and Learns and recently received the PSI Mick Godley award for her unwavering dedication and enthusiasm in nurturing the next generation of talented statisticians, programmers, and data scientists.

Steve Mallett

Steve started his career as a biochemist and joined the industry at Parexel working as a statistical programmer. He later moved to GSK where he worked for over 25 years, transitioning to a statistician role supporting a variety of medicine development projects. Steve was an active member of the PSI Careers and Academic Liaison Committee, where he organised classroom-based workshops and our flagship event at the Big Bang careers fair. In addition, Steve has delivered many science and stats-based workshops at GSK and directly through his sons' school. Steve also has a keen interest in data visualisation, and more recently has combined these interests by organising data viz workshops for young people at science-based careers events.

Nicola Voyle

Nicola has been a statistician with Roche for ~ 7 years primarily working in late phase neuroscience with a focus on Alzheimer's Disease. Nicola holds a BSc in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Bath and a PhD in Biostatistics from King's College London. Since her placement year with Roche during her undergraduate degree, Nicola has frequently engaged in STEM outreach activities and currently serves as an Enterprise Advisor for a local secondary school.

Doug Thompson

Doug supports the development of new medicines via the application of statistical & machine learning methods, to better aid data-driven decision making. Doug has spent the last 10 years working at GSK in various study and project statistician roles, before moving into the data sciences and most recently the Statistics and Data Science Innovation Hub.

Through partnership with the Data Inspiration Group, he has been developing a network of GSK volunteers, bringing virtual work experience and promoting “careers in data” to school & university students across the UK.

Emma Crawford

Emma has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 9 years, starting as an industrial placement student in clinical pharmacology with Pfizer and then after graduating was working as a late phase clinical trial statistician in clinical research organisations (CROs) before her current position in HTA Statistics at MSD.

Emma has been volunteering with PSI for over 8 years in the Careers group which has seen her organise a careers event alongside the PSI conference 2016 in Berlin, supported activities at school workshop events, given talks at universities and other careers events, participated in speed networking events and from 2017 - 2023 was involved in organising the annual careers event for university students, which saw her awarded the Mick Godley award at PSI Conference 2022 for her services to PSI. She is currently leading a subteam focussed on outreach within Schools.

In addition, Emma is also an active member of the HTA European Special Interest Group (eSIG) where she has coordinated the response to EUnetHTA21 public consultation on behalf of EFSPI as well as being involved in the organisation of eSIG meetings and EU HTA external engagement activities, including the HTA eSIG sessions at PSI Conference 2023.


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