PSI Careers - Lunch & Learn: Imposter Syndrome Session

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Thursday 21st October 2021
Time: 12:00 - 13:00 BST
Speakers: Chrissie Fletcher (GSK), Claire Brittain (UCB), Paul Terril (PT Stat Consulting), Anashua Banerji (Cytel).

Who is this event intended for? For anyone looking to learn more about Imposter Syndrome.
What is the benefit of attending? Learn from others who relate with Imposter Syndrome; hear their experiences and advice to overcome it.


Do you ever think:

“I don’t belong here, I’m not as capable as they think I am”... “I don’t deserve it, I’m just lucky”... “I'm never good enough, others are better”... “I’m a fraud, I’ll get found out”?

Imposter Syndrome is experienced by 70% of people and the feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy it promotes can hold us back from valuing our accomplishments and reaching our full potential.

Learn from others in the PSI Community who also associate with Imposter Syndrome. They will discuss the topic, give their own personal views and experiences and provide tips to beat it.


Registration for this webinar is free, and is open to Members of PSI only.
To register for this event, please click here.

Speaker details



Chrissie Fletcher

Chrissie is the Vice President of Development Statistics at GlaxoSmithKline.She has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 30 years and has experience of developing and commercialising new medicines in a variety of clinical disease areas across all phases of clinical development. Chrissie is actively engaged in statistical societies, pharmaceutical trade associations and initiatives relating to the Pharmaceutical Industry such as driving innovation in clinical trials and sharing implementation experiences of ICH E9(R1) and adoption of the new estimand framework.

Claire Brittain

Claire has worked in medical statistics for over 15 years with most of those years in early phase pharmaceuticals. She has worked at GSK, Eli Lilly and UCB primarily in neuroscience and immunology, then more recently in COVID-19. Claire has a keen interest in translational and methodology studies and enjoys making statistics pragmatic and keeping science at the heart of any discussion.

Paul Terril
(PT Stat Consulting)

After completing his PhD in statistics Paul started his career working as a statistician in the agrochemical industry before becoming a statistical trainer for SAS. He moved into the pharmaceutical industry in 2005 and worked for several CROs before becoming an independent consultant in 2020. Paul primarily provides support to biotech and small pharmaceutical companies who lack in-house statistical expertise.

Anashua Banerji

Anashua Banerji has cross-functional experience of more than 11 years in mathematical modeling, biostatistics, business strategy consulting and technology product management in healthcare. In her current role at Cytel, Anashua is focusing on adaptive designs, enrichment strategies, and applications of data science to real world data to mine insights relevant for trial design and stake-holder decision-making.


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