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Registration for the PSI Mentoring scheme will be open for a 6-week period, with the programme running for a span of 6 months. 

Who is this scheme intended for? PSI Members looking for a mentor to further their career.
What is the benefit of participating? This scheme is an opportunity learn from senior industry colleagues, and network with industry peers to discuss current issues and future aspirations.


The PSI mentoring programme is aimed at members looking for a mentor to further their careers by expanding their network and learning from more senior colleagues in the industry. Mentors and mentees will be matched based on experience, personal goals and the sector they work in (unless otherwise requested).

An ice breaker session will be held at the beginning of the programme so that all mentors and mentees will have an opportunity to meet each other and gauge the chemistry between matches. We suggest that each pair of mentors and mentees meet at least once every two weeks but it will be up to them to create their own meeting schedule. Each pair will be paired for at least 6 months after which they are free to continue to meet outside of the programme. Additional guidance about the content of the sessions and how to make the most out of each meeting will be provided at a later date.


Registration for the mentoring scheme is free, and is open to Members of PSI only.
To register for the programme, please click here.
Registration is now closed.


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