PSI Vaccine SIG Webinar: Some considerations on developing COVID-19 Vaccines

Date: Thursday 10th December 2020
Time: 15:00 - 16:00 GMT
Speaker: Scott Patterson (Sanofi)

Who is this event intended for? Statisticians interested in the statistics of crisis vaccine clinical studies, like those being done for COVID-19.
What is the benefit of attending? 
Those attending will learn of several statistical observations on crisis vaccine clinical development that are important to an understanding of data generated in COVID-19 vaccine development and other crisis clinical vaccine programs.


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This event is free of charge to both Members and Non Members of PSI.
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Scott Patterson, Bo Fu, Ya Meng, Fabrice Bailleux, Josh Chen. 
Statistical Observations on SARS-CoV-2 & Crisis Vaccine Clinical Testing.

Traditional vaccine clinical development is an undertaking involving meticulous, multiple studies in multiple populations at risk of infection and disease over multiple years. SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 vaccine development is following this traditional development pathway, but accelerated Phase I-II-III clinical programs are being applied (c.f., USA FDA guidances 2020). This is not the first time vaccines have been manufactured and tested quickly to meet a public health crisis (1976, 2009). Selected statistical concepts pertaining to vaccine efficacy and safety, relevant during the design and implementation of such crisis programs, will be discussed.

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Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson PhD, PStat is currently the head of Statistical Innovation at Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines’ division of Sanofi. He and co-author Professor Byron Jones wrote `Bioequivalence and Statistics in Clinical Pharmacology’ now in its second edition. Scott has over 25 years of professional experience in biostatistics, and he and his family reside in Pennsylvania, USA.


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