PSI ToxSIG Webinar: Combining Sexes

Date: Tuesday 1st December 2020
Time: 14:00 - 15:00 GMT
Speakers: Jenny Thomas (Covance), Chris Smith (Covance), and Alice Hedge (Covance)

Who is this event intended for? Anybody keen to learn about the combining of sexes for statistical analysis in Toxicology, and the guideline recommendations pertaining to this topic.
What is the benefit of attending? To gain an overview of regulatory guidelines and the application to both ECG Data and DART Data, whilst looking at the consideration of sex in Toxicology.


You can now register for this event. Registration will close at 12:00 on 30th November 2020.
This event is free of charge to both Members and Non Members of PSI.
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The webinar will provide a general introduction to the topic of combining sexes for statistical analysis in Toxicology. It will also discuss guideline recommendations pertaining to this topic. 

For electrocardiography and jacketed external telemetry data, it will discuss scientific preferences, historical data review and statistical recommendations.

For Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology endpoints, it will focus on neurobehavioral data. In these studies, the actual impact of sex on a given endpoint can be very much dependent on the age of the animals being tested. It is widely considered by scientists that very young animals may not demonstrate any differences due to sex. However, these tests are conducted at various stages in development so a statistical plan that accounts for potential sex differences, whilst still allowing for the additional power that may be observed from pooling the sexes is required.

Speaker Details



Jenny Thomas

Jenny has worked at Covance (formerly Envigo and Huntingdon Life Sciences) for 18 years and currently supports ecotoxicology, cut point studies and method harmonisation projects. Jenny has built up expertise in many early development areas such as genetic toxicology, general and reproduction toxicology and the use of historical control data. Jenny has also enhanced the statistical systems in use through her role as a subject matter expert on global reporting system projects and through being the project lead in the development and maintenance of in-house statistical systems. Jenny has MScs in Statistics and Operational Research and a degree in Economics.

Chris Smith

Chris joined the Statistics department at Covance in 2007, working as a statistical programmer (SAS) before moving to the role of statistician. In his current role as statistician, Chris supports all areas of early development. Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Mathematical Sciences with The Open University, United Kingdom.

Alice Hedge

Alice studied Maths, Statistics and Computing at Ulster University; She has worked at Covance since graduation, primarily in Early Development. Her preferred specialist areas include DART and General Toxicology, but she has experience in many segments of ED research.


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