Maths Meets Medicine 2019

How to find us: University of Reading

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The Careers and Academic Liaison Committee (CALC) will be hosting their fourth Maths Meets Medicine event this year at the University of Reading. The event provides the opportunity for KS4 students to come and learn about how the mathematical discipline of statistics plays a crucial role in the development of new medicines.  The day will involve three interactive and fun statistics-based workshops, which aim to complement and extend the statistical concepts covered in the KS4 and KS5 curriculums, followed by a campus tour of the university. We hope that this event will raise awareness of some of the interesting career opportunities that are available using mathematics and statistics and inspire students to think beyond more traditional applications of mathematics such as finance and teaching. 

If your school is interested in sending students to this event, please contact us at Careers@psiweb.org

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