PSI Webinar: Statistical Engagement with Commercial Activities

Time: 13:00 - 14:30 UK time

An interesting webinar with three speakers looking at how pharmaceutical statisticians can engage with their commercial and other business teams. Camilo Zapata will introduce the field of “business analytics” in the context of pharmaceuticals, Helena Baptista will talk about how we can measure the effectiveness of our communications and Lucy Frith will speak about communicating efficacy data in a manner appropriate for health care professionals.


 Camilo Zapata
Camilo Zapata (Alkermes)
Abstract: Business analytics is the “discipline” in charge of identifying and leveraging meaningful patterns in data to drive or inform business decisions. It is multidisciplinary in nature as it operates at the intersection between mathematics/statistics, computer science and management.  In this talk we will discuss how these three areas converge to deliver impactful results and share some relevant examples. We will also talk about what characteristics an organization requires in order to leverage this discipline as in the business world the ability to impact decisions is not only determined by the quality of the analyses, but also the robustness of the processes, the skills of the decision makers and the approachability of the results. 

Bio: Camilo is a data scientist that currently leads the advance analytics organization at Alkermes. He focuses on everything that is not clinical, with special emphasis on the commercial side of the business.  Before Alkermes he led the compliance analytics efforts at Pfizer and the Text mining and Natural language processing hub at Lilly.  He also co-led the creation of the advanced business analytics group at Lilly and he was responsible for building the analytical capabilities of Lilly’s clinical trial supply chain organization.

Camilo is an engineer by training with M.S. degrees in Chemical and industrial engineering and a PhD in Chemical engineering from Purdue University. In spite of these titles is fair to say that as an engineer he wouldn’t survive.

Helena Baptista
Helena Baptista (Lilly)
Abstract: We have been measuring the efficacy and safety of our medicines for a long time. What are we doing to measure the efficacy of our promotional strategies? Developing great medicines is key, but if we fail to let the scientific community know when and why they should use our products, patients that would benefit the most will hardly get access to them. We need to provide directions to the marketing teams on how, when and how often to reach the interested health care providers. On top, in Europe, we need to do that with limited access to data. We will discuss what we can do and where do we have the biggest challenges.

  • Education: PhD in statistics. NOVA University of Lisbon – Portugal
  • Professional experience: Finance, Market Research, Operations management, Forecasting, Advanced Commercial Analytics (actual)
  • Teaching undergraduates and Mastery courses on Forecasting Methods and Statistics for Enterprise Data Analysis
 Lucy Frith
Lucy Frith (GSK) 
Abstract: Working with a commercial organisation provides a varied array of tasks that often need complex analyses explained in a very concise but transparent way. This can lead to re-use of study data to present the results in a manner that meets the specific needs of different external groups such as health care professional (HCPs). Two such examples will be presented here. Firstly, overlaying the costs of treatments and patient care onto patient outcomes to support discussions with payer groups. Secondly, using Markov Chain modelling to utilise long-term data and provide Health care professionals a presentation of the data that aligns to the probability of a patient changing health status in a given period of time. To give further context to how these presentations of data could be used, such work is reviewed using data collected in a traditional efficacy study and in a pragmatic effectiveness situation.

Lucy is currently working in the late phase respiratory research and supports a range of marketed products. She has a keen interest in re-using data appropriately to maximise the value of information collected during the development of a medicine. This is to further understand the products, the disease areas of interest and presenting this information in a practical way to external groups such as health care professional (HCPs).  

Lucy is a statistician with 26 years’ experience in the industry; where she has been involved in the clinical program design, taking products all the way through to submission and regulatory approval. She has a M.S. degrees in Medical Statistics and a MBA.


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