PSI Toxicology SIG Webinar

Time: 14:00 - 15:00 UK Time
Presenter: Dr Bernd-Wolfgang Igl

Dr Bernd-Wolfgang Igl, Principal Statistician at Bayer, will be presenting on Statistical Analysis of the Comet-Assay.

Dr Bernd-Wolfgang Igl

Statistical Analysis of the Comet assay

Research and Clinical Sciences Statistics, Bayer AG, Berlin, Germany

The single cell gel electrophoresis assay, also known as Comet assay, is a widespread test within genetic toxicology and sensitive to detect chemically induced DNA damages in various tissues. This webinar will start with an introduction to the toxicological background and the test principle itself, including a description of the standard experimental design. Different statistical strategies will then be presented; the focus will be on the in-vivo Comet assay. Finally, the use of median instead of average tail intensities per slide will be described and discussed; this is suggested in the updated OECD Guideline for the Testing of Chemicals No. 489, thus directly affecting the statistical analysis.   

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