Estimating Sample Sizes in Clinical Trials

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Presented by Steven A. Julious
Steven is a Professor of Medical Statistics at The University of Sheffield but through his career has worked in both the academic and pharmaceutical sector and is a former editor of the journal Pharmaceutical Statistics.  He has an interest in applied methods for clinical trials and has a particular interest in clinical study design and sample size estimation.  He has written two books one on early phase trials and one on sample size estimation and has also developed an App called SampSize for the estimation of sample sizes.

About the course:
The three most important aspects of a clinical trial are: design, design and design.  A sample size estimate is just one aspect of a clinical study design. 

The course describes calculations for sample size estimation in the design of clinical trials. It will be highlighted how the objectives of a clinical trial will impact on sample size calculations. The course is a practical course and all methods will be illustrated with examples and case studies.

The following topics will be covered:

Introduction to Key Concepts
- Type I error
- Type II error
- Power

Sample Sizes for Different Clinical Trial Objectives
- Superiority
- Equivalence
- Non-inferiority
- Precision based
- Bioequivalence
- Pilot studies

Sample Sizes for Different Types of Data
- Normal
- Binary
- Ordinal
- Survival

Clinical Trial Designs
- Cross-over
- Parallel Group

How Design Considerations Impact on the Sample Size
- Baselines/covariates
- Multiple endpoints

Other Considerations when Designing a Trial
- Sensitivity analysis
- Optimising variance estimates

Considerations which Impact on the Sample Size
- Adaptive designs for efficacy
- Assessing futility
- Sample size-re-estimation

Course runs from:
10:00 – 17:30 (registration from 9:30) on Day 1
09:00 – 16:30 on Day 2.

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