Journal Club - Poisson/Negative Binomial Modelling


Our first event of the year was on the topic of Poisson/Negative Binomial Modelling and the different techniques for dealing with missing data.  The event took place on March 10th, with speakers Richard Kay and Mouna Akacha presenting their work.

Chair: Oliver Keene (GSK)

Speaker: Richard Kay (RK Statistics)
The analysis of incontinence episodes and other count data in patients with overactive bladder by Poisson and negative binomial regression
Authors: R Martina, R Kay, R van Maanen, A Ridder
Pharmaceutical Statistics, Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 151-160, March/April 2015
Links: AbstractPaper+Slides
Speaker: Mouna Akacha (Novartis)
Sensitivity analyses for partially observed recurrent event data
Authors: Mouna Akacha and Emmanuel O. Ogundimu
Pharmaceutical Statistics, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 4-14, January/February 2016
Links: AbstractPaper+Slides

+Papers available to view from 3rd March 2016 to 31st March 2016.

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