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See below a summary of how you get involved as a volunteer with different STEM Engagement Schemes to support you in engaging in Schools Outreach. We may occasionally have volunteering opportunities available to represent PSI at external events, please keep an eye on the PSI volunteering opportunities webpage for these.


STEM Specific

STEM learning

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Volunteering opportunities available: There are many ways to engage young people in STEM ranging from supporting STEM activities (e.g. enrichment activities or judging competitions) to careers and wider school and college support. All activities are advertised via the STEM Ambassador Platform which volunteers can access once they are fully registered as a STEM Ambassador.  For more information take a look at our STEM Ambassador pages.

Why volunteer with us:STEM Learning’s STEM Ambassador programme is made up of 35,000 volunteers from more than 7,000 different employers from a wide range of STEM related jobs and disciplines across the UK. They give their time, enthusiasm and experiences to encourage and inspire young people to progress further in STEM subjects and careers. They are an important and exciting free of charge resource for teachers and others engaging with young people inside and out of the classroom with personal benefits to the volunteers as well!

How to get involved: Getting involved couldn’t be easier. There is a simple registration process which is all online followed by an online induction and free enhanced DBS check or PVG check. Join one of our Volunteer Information Sessions to find out more about the process and the volunteering opportunities available. We also have specific Organisation Information Sessions for businesses to find out how they can get their team involved in valuable STEM outreach with young people.

I’m a scientist, get me out of here

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Volunteering opportunities available: In I’m a Scientist, you engage with UK students through fast-paced Chats and respond to follow-up questions about yourself and your work. Our short online course, the Academy supports the learning experience.  

Why volunteer with us: Help students to see STEM as ‘for them’, challenge scientist stereotypes and enhance your science communication skills. Our inclusive activity supports diversity and equality. Use the Academy to reflect on your experience and deepen your understanding of public engagement.

How to get involved: Sign up here to get involved.


DIG Data

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Volunteering opportunities available: Volunteers needed to assist in the delivery of data days onsite at schools and colleges across the UK.

Why volunteer with us: The digdata programme is a virtual work experience offering that develops key employability skills – problem solving, data literacy, storytelling, and presentation to students across secondary and tertiary education. Since our launch in July 2021, we have 13k active student members and work with 1000 schools and 105 universities across the UK. 


Our student cohorts are as follows.

  • First Step (year groups 7-9, 11-14 years old)
  • Next Step (year groups 10-13) 15-18 years old)
  • Step Up (University + HE)


We work with partners to create career challenges (bitesize projects) that the students can undertake using data to solve the problem and gain certification. Our partners include, BT, CACI, Capital One, Experian, Facebook, GSK, ITV, Lloyds banking group, Omnicom Media Group, Shell, and Unilever and all of their career challenges can be found here in our library resource.

We deliver our virtual work experience online, in the classroom and onsite with our data days

How to get involved: Would you like to inspire young minds to become data literate and digdata? We are always recruiting data volunteers to assist us in the delivery of our data days onsite at schools and colleges across the UK. Your valuable time, data knowledge and expertise will help students build confidence and develop skills that are not included in the current curriculum, whilst giving them visibility to a career vertical that they may not be aware of, considered or believed to be right for them. We require volunteers to have at least an intermediate knowledge level of excel and PowerPoint and be available for a full school day (9am – 3.30pm) We will provide you with all the resources required to prepare for the day. If you are interested in getting involved, please complete this form and include PSI along with your company name in the Company Name field.



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Volunteering opportunities available: We have 4 volunteering opportunities,

  1. Trustee Board members
  2. Corporate volunteers (utilising corporate incentive of 2-3 paid volunteering days)
  3. Long-term volunteers 
  4. Short-term volunteer 

View our Volunteer and Trustee booklet for more information.

Why volunteer with us: BeScience STEM provides young people with vital information on the soft skills required to stand out and succeed in an increasingly competitive job market. This will help them be better engaged and purpose-driven to pursue careers in STEM which will make a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged children and young people. Our programs also offer career planning support which improves their career prospects, reduces future NEETs and in turn improves the economy of the wider community and benefits the country as a whole. Our programs and facilitation style instil a life-long love for education. Help us meet our goals and objectives!

How to get involved:

  1. Trustee Board members - kindly apply here
  2. Corporate volunteers - kindly apply here
  3. Long-term volunteers - kindly apply here for current opportunities
  4. Short-term volunteer - kindly apply here

The Big Bang

Female Focussed


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Volunteering opportunities available: We support your desire to volunteer through a quick and easy platform giving you the ability to connect with thousands of young people every year. 


There is no limit in volunteer spots available and no wrong experience - the more unexpected career journeys the better as we aim to inspire people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. 


Maths4Girls (M4G) facilitates opportunities for professionals to share their experience to young people aged 11 to 14, to encourage them to study maths post GCSEs, and show that it is a superpower that could lead to various fulfilling career paths, such as the members of PSI!

Why volunteer with us: With your help, we can debunk the myth that maths is a male subject, and encourage more girls to choose maths because they met real life, inspirational and relatable role models in maths-related careers like the ones at PSI. 


M4G prioritises gender equity, promotes early career opportunities, and focuses on building robust talent pipelines to address skills gaps, as reflected in its annual reports showcasing the impact of these endeavours. Through community outreach and engagement initiatives, employees actively participate in supporting and contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

How to get involved: Volunteering for us is easy. Sign up and provide your details via the link here. It won’t take more than 30 seconds to complete and the more details you give, the easier it is for educators to find you. When you sign up, make sure you link your account to PSI so it’s trackable. 


As soon as you sign up and indicate your availability, teachers and educators will contact you for any sessions they would like to discuss. You do not sign up to a certain level of commitment, so when you receive an invitation you decide if you can accept or not.


How to get involved: There are volunteering opportunities available at our volunteering page.


The Access Project

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Volunteering opportunities available: We’re looking for volunteers to tutor until July next year, for one hour a week. We'll give you everything you need to succeed as a tutor; including comprehensive training, lesson plans and increased confidence in a subject of your choice. You’ll need an undergraduate degree, or working towards one to be eligible. But you don’t have to tutor in the subject you studied.

Why volunteer with us: Did you know that the educational attainment gap has barely shifted in 20 years? At The Access Project, we believe that where you come from shouldn’t determine your future. That’s why we work with dedicated volunteer tutors who change the lives of young people across the country, every year.

How to get involved: Make a difference today, sign up to become a tutor volunteer with The Access Project. Questions? Please contact 


Inspiring the Future

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Volunteering opportunities available: Share your career story with young people to help challenge stereotypes and motivate and excite them about their futures. Visit local schools with Inspiring the Future or join a virtual activity to talk to children about what you do and take part in a range of aspirations activities, including classroom talks, careers fairs, speed networking and mock interviews

Why volunteer with us: Young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, often have a limited understanding of the career opportunities open to them. But there is an easy way of changing this – giving them the chance to meet you!


Inspiring the Future connects volunteers from the world of work with children at primary, secondary and college. Research shows speaking with young people about your job is an effective way to have a real and lasting impact, including challenging stereotypes and boosting children’s motivation, attainment and future prospects. You can help challenge stereotypes about who does what job and open young people’s eyes to roles like yours they may never have imagined before.

How to get involved: It’s quick and easy to sign up today. Complete the short registration form and your profile will then be visible to schools on Inspiring the Future within your chosen geographic areas. Email with any questions.

Careers and Enterprise

How to get involved: Visit our website


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