PSI Award Winners

Jul 7, 2021, 09:20 AM

It is my great pleasure to announce three very special people who have been recognised in 2021 for their contributions to PSI. 

Lisa Hampson - PSI / RSS Award for Statistical Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Lyn Taylor - PSI Mick Godley Award
Ray Harris - PSI Honorary Member

To read more on their achievements please see below.

Award Winners


Lisa Hampson won the PSI / RSS Award for Statistical Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry. She was nominated for her work on: Improving the assessment of the probability of success in drug development: A holistic framework encompassing statistical significance, regulatory approval, and market access. Distinguishing it from existing approaches, this framework adopts a broader definition of ‘success’ that bridges statistical significance, clinical relevance, benefit-risk assessments, regulatory alignment, and market access as well as technical development, quality and compliance considerations.

This approach was endorsed by the Novartis Innovation Management Board, chaired by the company’s CEO, in September 2020 and has since then formally been rolled out across the entire portfolio.


Lyn Taylor won the PSI Mick Godley Award. This award goes to an unsung hero of PSI. Lyn’s contributions over many years, but particularly her leadership in the last few years on the AIMs SIG and to get the Medical Statistics Apprenticeship up and running, has really been exceptional. We are hoping to have our first students in the apprenticeship program this year. Lyn has also worked hard to bring together the opportunity for PSI to play a more active role in the R consortium.

PSI would not be the same without her enthusiasm and dedication and we thank Lyn greatly for all her contributions to PSI over many years.


Ray Harris was awarded PSI Honorary membership. I’ve had the pleasure of being on the Board with Ray for 4 years and been able to learn from his great experience and see the dedication and passion he has for PSI. He is a real servant leader and when you see his list of accomplishments for PSI in terms of the breadth of committees and board positions he’s taken on, it is extraordinary. We believe Ray may also be our only member to have attended every PSI Conference since he joined the industry!

Has been a member of the following committees; ITIT, Public Affairs, Publications, External Affairs, EFSPI Council Member (PSI representative) and has been on the Board of Directors in the following roles; Treasurer, Publications, External Affairs, Vice-Chair. WOW!

A huge thank you to all three individuals for their contributions to PSI and to the wider statistical community. 

Lucy Rowell
(PSI Chair)


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