Quarterly Update from the PSI Chair - Q4 2020

Dec 11, 2020, 11:37 AM
Lucy Bod page

WOW what a year 2020 turned out to be. I personally started the year expecting to finish it on assignment in Shanghai and it now looks like I’ll be here for the foreseeable future. I hope while many of us have been locked in at home, that you’ve managed to take advantage of the activities & content the PSI community has put together! I’ve been really proud of how PSI has adapted to the challenges faced this year to remain active and relevant for our members. Whilst we hope to be able to spend time face to face with each other at some point in 2021, for now as an organisation we are only focusing on online content at least through the first half of next year and the conference team are working super hard to put on our first full online PSI conference.  

Last year I received lots of great feedback on our PSI rendition of the Twelve days of Christmas, highlighting some of the achievements from the year, so I’ve decided to repeat the format again. Thankfully for you I’m still not singing, but feel free to hum along as you read……..


000 pages of Pharmaceutical Statistics


new SIGS (Data visualisation and COVID-19


and thirty (33) exhibitors at the Medical Statistics Careers Event (our highest to date)


sponsored MSc students at Leicester University


continents with members (Europe, Africa, Asia, N.America & Oceania)


new articles from placement students on the careers website and a video!


new board members (check out the BoD here!)


events as part of the conference 2020 webinar series - you can go back and watch them again on our Video on Demand service (except the AGM)


speakers/chairs of the PSI Journal Club


+4 (14) webinars (6 scientific +5 ToxSIG ones, 1 vaccine SIG + 1 regulatory +1 membership outreach)


hundred and 93 members!

- 15 June 2022 - our next F2F PSI Conference in Gothenburg. The team is also working really hard to make our first full online PSI conference in 2021 a not-to-miss event, all the details will be released shortly, for now check out the website and block the 20-23rd June 2021 in your calendars today!

Thanks to everyone who has supported PSI during 2020. Without your support as members, committees, sponsors, directors, social media commenters, presenters….. we would not be able to keep the momentum going and our output high! Please give yourself a round of applause.

Article Recommendation

Randomised controlled trials versus real world evidence: neither magic nor myth
This time I’ve gone for an article rather than a book. This article touches on many ideas I’m interested in, the use of RWD, the changing dynamics of drug development from big blockbuster drugs to more niche rare disease molecules and the role of personalised medicines. A thought provoking read, if not a little long winded in parts. Enjoy reading the article with your morning tea/coffee/juice cheers! 

A Quote to take with you

"If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door" - Quote by Milton Berle 

For me this is a great quote to contemplate at the end of the year as I reflect on what I want to achieve in 2021 personally and professionally. Let’s all get building our own doors.

And Finally...

Finally have a lovely break for those taking time off and I look forward to seeing what we can each achieve individually as well as a PSI Community in 2021! Have a fun break. I think we all need it, this year more than most :)

(plus Buddy & August!)
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