Volunteer for PSI Communications Committee - Hackathon Lead

Oct 22, 2020, 09:58 AM

We are currently looking for someone to join the communications committee as the hackathon team lead. This will initially be a 6-month post over which you will work with the other PSI committees to arrange and run the two hackathon events. We are looking for someone who is familiar with the PSI community and who has some knowledge or experience in running a hackathon (or similar) event.

There is a lot of analytical data generated through the PSI website, emails to members and social media posts. Currently this is not utilised by PSI committee members to understand how best to interact with the digital community. The goal of the hackathons is to design a tool that will help improve engagement in the PSI community by using the analytics to generate content that is most relevant and interesting.

The goal is to design and create a dashboard to visualise all the digital analytic data in one place. This will then allow committees to make evidence-based decisions on the about the best ways to engage the community and test these out. The first hackathon event will be designed to work closely with the PSI members to understand what the key metrics to measure are. The second event will then be to create a working prototype of a dashboard to visualise these metrics.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collate all PSI outreach and key metrics from committees
  • Liaise with the members of the hackathon sub-group to organise the hackathon events
  • Communicate with the Board of Directors to ensure hackathons are aligned with PSI strategic objectives
  • Facilitate discussion during the hackathon sessions
  • Work with the communications and social media team to promote the events to members

Metrics Team

The metrics team utilise analytical data to understand what works, and what doesn't, to improve engagement and share the best and most relevant content to PSI members. In our community, we understand the importance of actions based on data, and the goal of this subgroup is to help PSI better understand the community and ensure decisions that are taken are led by the community, for the community.

As the hackathon lead you will be joining this team, contributing in monthly meetings and sharing updates about the progress of the hackathons. The metrics team is part of the larger communications committee, where you will attend the bi-monthly meetings and contribute to the communications decisions for PSI.

If you are interested and want to get involved please email

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