Statistical Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Feb 27, 2018, 17:14 PM

We are now accepting entries for the 2018 awards

Our award for statistical excellence in the pharmaceutical industry is made jointly with the RSS (Royal Statistical Society) every year.

The award is for the most influential example of the application of an existing statistical practice, or the implementation of an innovative statistical practice, in this industry.

stats award


We are looking for entries that have demonstrated one or more of the following:

- A clear understanding of the needs of researchers and investigators
- An application of an existing statistical practice to a new area that has increased the quality and efficiency of investigations
- A new development in the design of investigations and/or the analysis of data that has led to further insights into the safety, efficacy and value of medicines or devices
- An excellent way to communicate results that is clear and helpful to a wide array of users, showing how statisticians understand the range of user needs

Nominees can be based anywhere in the world and do not need to be a member of PSI or the RSS. The award will be presented at the Annual PSI Conference which will be held in Amsterdam from 3rd – 6th June 2018. 

Download the entry form here

The deadline for entries is midnight on Friday 20th April 2018.

Previous winners

The 2017 award was presented to Michael O'Kelly for his work 'Promoting analytical solutions and best practices for handling missing data in pharmaceutical industry'.  The judges felt that in this respect, he has made a major contribution to enhancing the practical application of modelling and simulation methodology and tools for analysing data with missing values.  Learn more about the winning entry on StatsLife

Richard Nixon of Novartis was presented with the award in 2016 for “Enhancing decision-making in drug development using quantitative approaches’. Read more about his winning entry on StatsLife.

Katrina Gore and Nicky Best (joint winners, 2015, Pfizer and GSK respectively). Katrina Gore for her work on the Assay Capability Tool (ACT), designed to guide the development of drug discovery assays. Nicky Best for her work implementing a process that has turned beliefs about the chances of success into formal prior distributions. Read more about the winning entries on StatsLife.

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