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12 June 2024

How can visualisations help better understandtrial design? Steve Mallet is explaining some ideas based on simulations for a platform trial. The visualisations are available on the Wonderful Wednesday blog.

Visualisations can give a quick overview over a vast amount of design options. This can be achieved with facet plots, with interactive plots allowing to switch between the options, or even combing facets with interactivity as show in a shiny app. Also the use of different colours and line types can increase the number of displayed scenarios. For the next challenge we will look at the same data aiming to visualise three very specific aspects. See the Wonderful Wednesday homepage for more detail.

Wonderful Wednesdays are brought to you by the Visualisation SIG. The Wonderful Wednesday team includes: Bodo Kirsch, Zachary Skrivanek, Lorenz Uhlmann, Steve Mallett, Rhys Warham, Mark Baillie, Paolo Eusebi, Martin Brown

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